Saturday, May 10, 2008

Creating Depth with Shadows

I used the shadows and the highlights to create depth in number 59 Wine Still Life. Tearing larger segments of color helps to bring the area up and tearing smaller pieces helps to take your eye back. Placing the two next to each other allows you to create depth. The shadow from the grapes onto the cheese and the highlights on the apple also create a sense of three dimension. Once again I have found a home for this one, I'm a real creature of habit.

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Patti Holmes said...

I am the lucky recipient of this piece and can not begin to tell you how thrilled I was and still am! Since the first time I saw your work at my daughter's house I have been a fan. Pictures cannot begin to the complexity of this medium--there is so much to see, I keep taking it down to look at it some more!

Thank you so much for parting with this one. I love it.
Patti Holmes
Sharpsburg, MD