Saturday, March 22, 2008

Exhibition on the Horizon

Compiling enough work to display at a show is a challenge for me, but I have agreed to start saving some of my more recent work and will be sending it out for professional framing. I won't be displaying any of the show material on this site as I have been in the past. So with that I want to apologise for the lack of new material posted. I am working on number 60 now. I told myself that I would have a show once I reached 30 pieces but that goal came and went. The hardest thing for me is to hold onto the work, I want to share it with those that like it and I tend to give it away at the drop of a hat. I found a site that promoted art adoptions, this intrigued me, it shows I'm not the only artist out their that finds it hard to be a salesman, and would rather give the work away then sell it.

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